Accoya launch a new Consumer website

With their new consumer website highlighting their 50 year guarantee, homeowners can now be assured that Accoya windows and doors will help their homes reach their full potential. Take a look at the new Accoya windows and doors site for ideas.

Customers benefit greatly from the use of Accoya. Thanks to it’s 50 year rot guarantee for above ground use, timber becomes a hassle free purchase for windows and doors. Properties increase in value due to the high performance of Accoya windows and doors.

The lack of water ingress which causes swelling and shrinkage means that paint finishes last up to twice as long as compared to traditional hardwood. Without the additional worry of twisting and warping, Accoya gives peace of mind particularly when specifying bi fold doors and large external french door sets. It is not very often that something amazing comes along in the joinery world – but Accoya really is amazing!

See more about Accoya here or check out Accoya videos on YouTube.