SB Joinery’s capacity to work on large projects

Are you working on a large project and finding your current joinery supplier is struggling to cope with the volume of joinery you require? Are you finding your current joinery supplier is struggling to meet your deadlines? Are you finding that you have different contacts for all the different areas in the house? A separate window manufacturer, a separate door manufacturer, a separate staircase manufacturer, a separate furniture manufacturer, and then a separate install team? So many people to deal with…if yes, THEN CONSIDER SB JOINERY…

SB Joinery is your one-stop, one-contact joinery manufacturer that has extensive capacity and experience in working on large bespoke projects. Employing over 100 staff and operating at two manufacturing facilities with over 65,000 sq ft of manufacturing space, SB Joinery has the capacity to provide a service that few joinery companies can match.

Below is just a few of the recent large joinery projects that we have worked  on:-