A Super Yacht concept unlike any other

Dutch superyacht builder Oceanco has broken the mold with its latest concept yacht that was just unveiled the Dubai International Boat Show. The nearly 400-foot-long Tuhura was conceived in collaboration with the Lobanov Design studio, BMT Nigel Gee, and interior designer Achille Salvagni to be unlike any yacht on the market. And they succeeded.

Tuhura by Oceanco

Tuhura by Oceanco, Courtesy of Oceanco


The exterior styling is reminiscent of early dugout canoes that the ancient Polynesians made across thousands of miles of open Pacific Ocean. And while this state-of-the-art yacht is designed to be a technological marvel with every conceivable comfort, the thinking behind the design was to celebrate our basic and primal desires to explore and discover. In fact, the actual name, ‘tuhura’ is derived from the Maori verb meaning: to discover, bring to light, unearth, open up, explore, and investigate.#

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