Cut and mitred staircases are invariably among the most attractive staircases designed.

Cut string staircases are favoured for their grander and elegant style that really sets off an entrance hallway. With cut and mitred staircases the tread is clearly visible from the side elevation. Showing each tread gives you a highly decorative staircase that adds that extra touch to the room.

We can give you options for newel, handrail and spindle types all in a wide range of materials and designs. You can have newels and spindles that are bespoke turned if required, or we have a wide range of standard designs that you can choose from. With cut and mitred staircases, we can also give you choice of bracket shape underneath the tread to your design.

All our staircases are CAD designed so the client can view the end product before it is manufactured to ensure they are completely happy with the design.

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