Whilst we pride ourselves on being able to manufacture windows and doors to almost any bespoke specification, SB Joinery also offers a range of proven windows and doors types to high end specifications. These are products in which architects and designers can specify for use in the property they are working on, therefore guaranteeing the quality and finish that will be delivered.

Our ‘Stockbridge’ range gives you the opportunity to download section drawings and specification pages for our external window and door types. This gives complete ease of use when specifying products and producing construction drawings.

View our Projects webpage, for examples of projects where architects have specified SB Joinery as their chosen supplier for high quality bespoke windows and doors. As you will see, our windows and doors have graced some of the finest homes in the country.

Stockbridge Windows

Our ‘Stockbridge’ window range is a proven range of top quality bespoke windows for high end residential projects. These ranges still have bespoke options in terms of timber types, glass types and moulding types, allowing architects and designers flexibility when specifying but with the added assurance of proven range of designs.

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Stockbridge Doors

Our ‘Stockbridge’ door range is a proven range of top quality bespoke windows for high end residential projects in which can be specified by architects and designers. Whilst these are proven designs, our clients still can have choice of timber type, glass type and moulding types but with the added assurance of the ‘Stockbridge’ mark of proven quality and design.

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