SB Joinery will support you at every stage of your project, endeavouring to make the process of ordering as easy and stress free as possible. This is the reason that so many of our customers come back to us and recommend us again and again.

At the heart of our business are knowledgeable, engaging individuals and teams that have your complete satisfaction in mind in everything they do and ensure your project runs smoothly.

The process stages you can expect your project to follow with us are set out below.


All our items are made individually to suit your requirements, therefore to ensure we fully understand your project, we will be only too happy to visit you and discuss your project.

Normally, our clients send their enquiries in to us via email, fax or post. We can then view your drawings, schedules or sketches and call you to discuss this and clarify your requirements. However, our sales team are always out and about, so we are only too happy to visit site and discuss your project if necessary.


Once we have understood your requirements, our sales team will produce a quotation/proposal that match your requirements. We can provide options and variations, so that our clients have complete choice over their design or materials. We want our clients to have part in the buying process so they are completely happy with their finished product.

Often we can visit you to discuss the proposal with you to ensure you are completely satisfied and understand every detail.

We can provide photographs and images of similar projects to illustrate our proposal and recommendations.


Our Operations team will then spend time collating your details, arranging site surveys and producing drawings (if quoted for and necessary) and preparing your joinery for manufacture.  This involves checking details and materials to ensure you are absolutely happy before manufacture commences. This all important stage means that the order is ready to go into manufacturing, and we will be able to advise you of your expected delivery date.

Your joinery and chosen materials and details will all begin to come together in the hands of our skilled craftspeople and our industry leading machinery. It will go through the various stages of construction, paint application and glazing until they are ready for their final inspection and packaging for transport.

NOTE: The lead time quoted to you at time of order only commences once the final manufacturing details have been agreed.


In line with your schedule of manufacture, we will contact you in good time prior to your expected delivery date to make mutually agreeable arrangements that works for us and for you. We have a dedicated transport team that will ensure your products arrive with you in perfect condition. All our goods are fully wrapped and protected prior to site delivery.

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